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I have used several different brokers over the years and I have found Scottrade to be the best and Merrill Lynch/Edge the worst. Scottrade customer service is outstanding.

They are always very friendly and never pushy. I have used them for over ten years and I am extremely happy with the overall experience. I recently open an account with Merrill Edge because they are owned by Bank of America and the have a credit card that pays 2.62% and they gave me $600 to open the account. Well after six months I get harassing phone calls trying to sell me crap I have no interest in.

They didn't reinvest one of my dividends which ended up costing me over $2000.

The best part is they wouldn't do anything about their mistake. So needless to say I'm closing my Merrill account and putting it back with Scottrade.

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Scottrade Should be Sued


To whom this regards,

I, Taylor Scott Amarel appeal the fraud claim irreverently denied by the Fraud and Loss Prevention Department of Scottrade and am pursuing remedies to this situation, despite Scottrade’s actions which have clearly shown that they have no intent to resolve this matter professionally.

Additionally, Scottrade has not provided evidence in order to justify their actions. Specifically, when requested multiple times, Scottrade employees and the contact Michael Vento have refused to speak with me. Additionally, Scottrade and representatives of Scottrade have refused to send any additional information in writing, and have disregarded my requests to do so.

Please be advised that Scottrade owes me the sum of $9,000.00 due to inadequate security measures and inappropriate / illegal customer service from Scottrade. My Scottrade Brokerage Account and Scottrade Banking Account where compromised. As a result of my Scottrade Brokerage Account and Scottrade Banking accounts being compromised, a monetary loss of $9,000 USD occurred. I filed a fraudulent activity reported as a 484(g) with the Nevada County Sherriff’s Office. Scottrade has been uncooperative during the resolution process; lying, mis-representing information, and harassing me with last minute deadlines that have resulted in unreasonable demands on and ultimately the denial of my fraud claim by Scottrade’s internal investigation and claims department.

Based on the foregoing, I expect payment in the amount of $9,000.00 made payable to Taylor Amarel, 10420 Jitney Lane, Grass Valley CA, 95945 no later than October 22, 2013. (I can be reached at: (Telephone: 530-273-1942).) If Scottrade decides to ignore this demand for payment, I will further pursue all of its legal remedies without further notice to Scottrade. This letter serves as evidence that I have attempted to resolve this matter informally.

Furthermore, please be advised that to the best of my knowledge and supporting evidence Scottrade Inc a low cost brokerage, bank, and financial institution is in violation of many rules, obligations, and contracts, and has acted in an unprofessional / illegal manner with regards to my account at Scottrade with an ID of 12905024:

• Scottrade has taken over 45 days to resolve a fraud claim; a direct violation of the Federal Electronic Funds Transfer Act.

• Scottrade has refused to send me statements, a violation of the Terms as Service as well as laws.

• Scottrade has taken more than 10 days to resolve this case of fraud and has not credited my account. A violation of the Federal Electronic Funds Transfer Act.

• Scottrade has refused to send me evidence justifying their actions: a violation of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.

• Scottrade utilizes “commercially” unreasonable security measures a violation of obligations, federal rules, and terms of service.

• Scottrade has deliberately harassed me by implying unreasonable demands and deadlines. Scottrade employees have directly lied to me, put me on an indefinite hold, and a refusal to answer, or acknowledge my requests.

• Scottrade is in violation of FINR regulations and recommendations for anti money laundering laws.

• Scottrade has not fulfilled their obligations under the Electronic Funders Transfer Act.

• Scottrade has not filled a CTR for large transactions a violation of the Bank Secrecy Act.

• Non compliance of Scottrade’s customer awareness and education programs and general non compliance of modern FFIEC guidelines resulted in fraud and a personal loss.

• Scottrade has an illegal or non compliant customer identification program and does not implement procedures to verify large transactions.

• Scottrade does not have fraud detection system that consider customer history, behavior, and or out-of-band verification.

• Scottrade failed to report and respond to suspicious activity in a timely manner.

• Scottrade has provided poor service in a very unprofessional manner that would constitute racketeering.

• Scottrade failed to provide prospectuses on time.

All of these issues came as a direct result of Scottrade’s actions when attempting to resolve a fraud claim.

I have attempted to resolve this issue for the past 3 months and Scottrade has refused to talk professional about a resolution.

You may contact me for additional details.









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Taylor Scott Amarel


Scottrade has done the same to me.Deposit a check in new scottrade bank.It cleared got notified.The next day, notified abt a delay in funding.Never heard back.

Asked for my account to be moved from Sayville NewYork branch.Corrupt criminals there.Refused to move my account.

Allowing fraudulent access.Now been denying me the owner access.Sending fraudulent 1099s.IRS will handle soon.

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